Does Your Pool Need a Fresh Look?

Does Your Pool Need a Fresh Look?

Our swimming pool remodels in Salado, TX are stunning

Beautiful pools begin with a solid vision. TexanStar Pools & Spas can create the pool of your dreams. Our pool remodeling services range from adding lighting to installing water features. You’ll have your own vacation getaway right in your backyard.

Swimming pool remodels can reinvent the look of your pool. Check out our previous renovations on our online gallery.

When should you upgrade the plaster on your pool?

When pools experience daily wear, the plaster can become tattered and worn. One of our most popular pool remodeling services is replacing this material for a refined finish. Here’s when you should consider this service:

  • When the plaster on your pool is older
  • When the floor of your pool is rough
  • When you notice peeling or cracking

Our pool remodeling services in Salado, TX will make your pool stunning. We offer free estimates and seasonal promotions. Call us today to discuss your design.